Malta-Germany-Libya Business Encounter and Malta-Britain-Libya Business Encounter

5 August 2016

Libyan - Maltese Chamber of Commerce monitors closely situation in Libya and in cooperation with The Malta Chamber of Commerce and German and British business organisations looks at plans for joint business opportunity initiatives when hostilities end. 

The Malta Chamber and the Libyan-Maltese Chamber of Commerce have continuously monitored the situation in Libya for the last three years,  both through local Ministerial contacts and also through information received on the ground. In fact the Libyan-Maltese Chamber of Commerce is one of the very few Chamber who remain open with the full staff compliment offering services to the business community doing business with Libya and the Arab world.

Plans are now actively on hand so that with the co-operation established with German and British business organisations,  two business events will be held in Malta when Maltese Companies who operated in Libya could network and explore the possibility of creating joint venture operations with a view to being able to secure future projects for the re-build of Libya when hostilities end. 

Recently,  at the Corinthia hotel in London our Vice Chairman Tonio Casapinta joined Minister Dr Christian Cardona at a meeting with Sir Vincent Fean (Former British High Commissioner in Malta and British Ambassador in Libya) now Chairman of the Libyan-British Business Council to discuss this project. Minister Cardona also address the Council members during their Annual Lunch held at the House of Lords in Westminster. Attending the meeting was also H.E. Joe Zammit Tabona former High Commissioner for Malta to UK and now Prime Minister's Special Trade Envoy.

Just last week the Malta Chamber of Commerce in co-operation with the Libyan-Maltese Chamber of Commerce also participated at a round table event organised by the African-German Business Association when,  Frank V. Farrugia, Deputy President and Tonio Casapinta, Vice President of the Malta Chamber of Commerce together with Abdusallem Danaf,  President of the Libyan-Maltese Chamber of Commerce discussed similar co-opertion with German operators who are interested in meeting Maltese Companies here in Malta to discuss similar co-peration. The meeting was chaired by former German Ambassador to Malta H.E. Klaus-Peter Brandes who is the Business Associations's Senior Advisor. The meeting was also attended by Ms Nathalie Farrugia from the Investment Promotion unit of Malta Enterprise.

Dates for these high level events which are already receiving the full support of the Government of Malta, will be held as follow:




Further details on the two event will follow in due course.

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5 اغسطس 2016

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